Overwatch players petition Blizzard to add TF2-style Taunt Kills in-game

Brad Norton
Overwatch gameplay / TF2 gameplay

Team Fortress 2 featured a wide array of hilarious taunts that could actually deal damage to opposing players. Now, the Overwatch community wants to see similar emotes added into Blizzard’s take on the hero shooter genre.

TF2 predates Overwatch by nearly a full decade. Having launched in 2007, it quickly became one of the most popular class-based FPS titles on the market, lending heavily to Blizzard’s release in 2016. 

While the games share many similarities in terms of character design and core gameplay features, one key aspect has been left out. Overwatch has a long list of emotes that can be used to mock the opposing team. However, they’re purely cosmetic.

In TF2, many taunts can amusingly deal damage to enemy players. This could be the perfect evolution for Overwatch and it’s exactly what the community wants to see next.

“TF2-styled Taunt kills would be amazingly funny,” Reddit user ‘andygmb’ suggest on September 30. Thanks to the handy toolkit available in the Workshop mode, they were able to envision these Taunts in Overwatch.

Using a number of simple emotes already in the game, they added a devastating knockback effect to each. Reinhardt’s pumpkin smashing emote is no longer just for show. With a huge swing of his hammer, it can send enemy players flying off of the map.

Even more comical, the simpler emotes such a Widowmaker’s finger gun or Soldier’s poke, both had the same impact. Quick and harmless animations have been turned into powerful and deadly taunts in the same vein as TF2.

Obviously just a concept, for the time being, many players suggested these taunts come to a unique Arcade mode down the line. While they could outright ruin the Competitive playlist, they could make for an exciting time in their very own mode.

TF2 gameplay
Team Fortress 2 allowed players to deal with enemies through deadly emotes.

While almost every hero could have this power-up added to at least one emote, some might not want to go through with the buff.

Let’s just say that Junkrat might do more damage to himself than the opposition…