How to unlock D.Va & Reinhardt Overwatch League 2020 All-Stars skins

Overwatch All-Stars Dva skinBlizzard

The 2020 Overwatch League All-Stars skins have finally arrived, providing a fresh coat of paint for D.Va and Reinhardt. Here’s how you can grab them.

Tank-mains rejoice. Both D.Va and Reinhardt have got some new looks thanks to the latest OWL All-Stars event. Each and every year a few lucky characters receive these ultra-rare skins and this time around, the spotlight is entirely on Tanks.

Revealed on Sep. 14, the latest cosmetics in Blizzard’s popular shooter come with their own themes. Previous years have focused on everything from Gods to moons and the latest offerings are just as ambitious.

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D.Va’s skin aims to represent Asian mythology while Reinhardt is inspired by “something Celtic or something Norse,” artist Qiu Fang explained. Both of these exceptionally detailed skins can be yours; here’s what you need to know.

From Widowmaker 1v1s to a matchup involving the League’s talent, the All-Stars event is always a celebration of all-things competitive Overwatch. 2020 is no different and fans can get in on the festivities with these new skins over the next few weeks.

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Available from September 29 through until October 12, you have a fortnight to add these to your collection. While most limited-time items are unlocked through in-game challenges, the All-Stars skins are a little different.

Regardless of which platform you’re on, these new skins should be front and center on the homepage for the next few weeks. All you’ll need to do is navigate to the Overwatch League store in-game if you want them for yourself.

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They can be purchased through two different means. If you’re an avid Overwatch League viewer, there’s a good chance you have a surplus of OWL Tokens saved up.

Each of the new skins will run you 200 Tokens as per usual. If you’re not an OWL fan and still want the skins, fear not; they can also be bought directly.

400 Tokens will cost you roughly $20 USD all up.

Overwatch league tokensBlizzard
OWL Tokens can be purchased through the in-game store.

The North American leg of the OWL All-Stars event is just days away. If you’re in need of a few extra tokens for the skins, there’s no better time to tune in. The action kicks off at 12PM PT on October 3. 

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For more details on the format, each game mode, and who will be competing, be sure to check out our full overview here.

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