Overwatch players perplexed by bizarre Zenyatta glitch and it’s not PG

Lauren Bergin
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Zenyatta has a whole host of different cosmetic items, but one Overwatch fan has discovered a strange glitch with his Round of Applause emote.

As the dust settles on a divisive Overwatch 2 beta, players are flocking back to Overwatch 1 in an attempt to scratch that OW2 itch.

While many have pleaded with Blizzard to keep the beta up because the base game now feels “unplayable,” others have spent their time checking out their old cosmetic collection and diving back into the fray.

One fan has discovered a rather interesting glitch with Omnic support hero Zenyatta’s Round of Applause emote, though, and it certainly isn’t very PG.

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Zenyatta returns with a new look in Overwatch 2, but we’ll never forget this bizarre glitch.

Weird Zenyatta emote glitch in Overwatch raises eyebrows

When checking through their emotes for the zen healer, one fan has discovered a very odd glitch with his “Round of Applause” emote and, of course, has been quick to share the clip on the game’s official subreddit.

As orange-tinted spirit hands swirl around him clapping, your eyes are immediately drawn southward to his crotch region, where it appears that his groin drops as he returns to his seated stance, then rises back to where it should be once the animation completes.

“Can someone explain me what is moving at the end of the emote” asked the player, and of course other fans were quick to forward a wealth of suggestions.

“Zenyatta OW2 rework. New ult confirmed. Good find man,” wrote one player, while another commented “new passive: third leg kick,” referring to his new kick passive.

“He can control all his balls,” joked another, with a final response noting that he’s tuning into “his root chakra.”

As all eyes turn towards Overwatch 2, it’ll be interesting to see if the devs dedicate any time into fixing this rather odd bug. Personally, we hope they don’t – after all, it certainly brightened our day!

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