Overwatch players go viral with incredible D.Va-Symmetra “trickshots”

Michael Gwilliam
D.va aims with her gun in baby form

Anyone who has ever played Overwatch is familiar with the idea of combining hero abilities to devastate enemy teams. Now, players have discovered a fancy new trick combing Symmetra’s Teleporter and D.Va’s Self-Destruct ultimate.

When it comes to ultimates, few can be as menacing as D.Va’s Self-Destruct, which can deal a whopping 1000 damage to anyone close enough to the explosion.

Getting the bomb to land in the perfect spot can be a bit of a challenge, mind you, especially when the enemy team has shields and barriers in the way to block it.

This is where Symmetra’s Teleporter comes into play and a couple of players have revamped this strategy to be way deadlier than ever before.

Magican symmetra poses
“For my next trick, I’ll make the enemy team disappear.”

The idea of using D.Va’s bomb with Symmetra’s Teleporter isn’t anything new, but for the D.Va player to launch her mech and send it through – that’s a bit more on the wild side.

Redditor Maniac0419 showed off the crazy wombo-combo in a compilation video that quickly spread and even won some awards from community members.

Basically, the Symmetra player places the Teleporter exit on the point, and then D.Va launches the mech directly at the entrance.

The result, at least in the clip above, is a bunch of team kills with the enemy squads caught completely off guard.

This can be extremely useful, especially in 2CP maps that often require full team kills on offense to capture the objective.

It also helps when the enemy squad has no idea a D.Va bomb is coming, with the launch happening so far away from the action on the objective.

D.Va on Watchpoint
D.Va’s ultimate can destroy enemy teams.

Plus, as seen in the Temple of Anubis clip, Sym is able to use her barrier ultimate to protect the Teleporter, leading to a huge quintuple kill and the eventual point capture.

If you have a friend who plays D.Va or Symmetra, be sure to give this a shot and try to coordinate some incredible trickshots of your own to completely wipe the enemy team and rank up.

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