Overwatch 2’s chaotic new Symmetra Mauga meta draws OW1 comparisons

Michelle Cornelia
symmetra in overwatch 2

Seeing the new Symmetra and Mauga combo in a play, some players couldn’t help but compare it to the whole Overwatch 1 experience.

Back when Overwatch had six people in a team, the visual clutter during team fights would become so overwhelming that it was hard to tell what was going on.

Just imagine having a double shield, a Symmetra barrier spanning all across the map, Mei ult on the ground, and Zenyatta’s transcendence — all happening simultaneously, with the enemy team also popping their ults.

With Overwatch 2’s 5v5 format, things seem to have gotten slightly better. However, due to a new meta, it looks like players might have to relive chaotic moments from the first Overwatch.

Overwatch 2’s latest balance changes seemed to have birthed a new meta. As seen in a clip during an Overwatch Champions Series match between Sin Prisa Gaming and YETI, both teams ran Symmetra, Mauga, Lucio, and Kiriko.

With both teams attempting to carry out their objective, ults were dropped near the point, eventually leading to everyone using their ultimates at almost the exact same time during the fight.

Mauga cages overlapping each other, Symmetra walls on the map, Kiriko ults on the ground, and everything else combined created a massive chaotic-looking sight. Thanks to this new meta, some players couldn’t help but compare it with the first Overwatch experience.

“Double shield has returned in spirit but not in physical form,” one user wrote in a Reddit thread showcasing the clip, referring to one of the most popular meta back in Overwatch.

Another user pointed out that Symmetra has always been the cause of “OW visual vomit” due to her massive wall.

“And now Mauga’s Ult adds the same type of visual vomit as Sym’s wall does. Basically, big barriers that extend high in the air make for terrible visual clutter,” they explained before suggesting changes to his VFX.

Meanwhile, in a separate thread with a screenshot of both teams on a different map, some players couldn’t help but poke fun at the meta by referring to it as “MOATS.”

The meta in Overwatch 2 can change at any time depending on tweaks on heroes in the roster. For now, it looks like these two are one of the strongest picks.