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Overwatch players finally figure out how to crouch with Wrecking Ball

Published: 22/Jun/2020 0:54 Updated: 22/Jun/2020 18:49

by Theo Salaun


Since Wrecking Ball’s introduction to all Overwatch game servers on July 2018, people have hoped for the ability to do what fellow mobile tank D.Va can’t: crouch. And now you can.

In the Overwatch world, Hammond is everyone’s favorite Pikachu-sized hamster. It’s no wonder that people prefer him in “crab mode,” where he’s quadrupedal with his little fuzzy head poking out of the top.

But many were disappointed that he couldn’t crouch, possibly because it limited their evasive potential or tactical-crouch mind games. Now, someone has discovered a way to take advantage of his “crab mode” grappling glitch to finally deliver long-awaited teabags.


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The “crab mode” bug only had one true practical application: proving to your teammates that you’re no troll, but in fact an elite Wrecking Ball wizard. This way you could show them a rarely seen tech and demonstrate your deep knowledge of the game.

But now, you can also use it to either startle your opponents with subtle vertical movement or…the ever-present tactical-crouch psychological one-upmanship. As shown by ‘LordSchmombey’ on Reddit, the crab can bag.

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Hammond can T-Bag! ( the secret they never told us about ) from Overwatch


To accomplish this groundbreaking or, more appropriately, ground-bouncing feat, one must first pull off the grapple glitch against the bottom of a surface (like a wall or boulder). To do this, you must (on PC) jump, melee, then enter ball form and grapple at the same time. 


Next, to accomplish the highly coveted tactical crouch, you simply walk in the opposite direction until the grappling chain is completely taut and the animation will happen on its own once you can’t walk any further.

As LordSchmombey describes it, this is “the secret they never told us about.” And it’s true, this is the type of knowledge that Jeff Kaplan likely knew would be too powerful for mass awareness. Being able to crouch spam as one of the game’s most annoying characters to play against? That’s true power.

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hammond hamster crab
Blizzard Entertainment
Look how cute the little sassy crab-legged hamster is.

Just consider the mental warfare on hand—not only is the little hamster protruding from a mecha absolutely adorable, but he’s protruding while grappling. And, to make matters worse, he then can teabag.


As an opponent, you’d go from being infatuated with cuteness to impressed by a secret tech to confusedly shocked that he may actually be toxic, not fluffy and sweet. The argument can be made that this, in fact, a game-breaking bug that Blizzard must address. Until then, the crab will bag.