Hilarious Overwatch glitch allows Hammond to grapple in “crab form” - Dexerto

Hilarious Overwatch glitch allows Hammond to grapple in “crab form”

Published: 23/May/2020 21:11

by Meg Bethany Koepp


A funny Overwatch trick allows Wrecking Ball to use his grappling hook while in his “crab form,” making for some hilarious entertainment that could distract your enemies enough to score a victory.

There are many tricks in Overwatch that many players don’t know about until they discover them online, admittedly some being more useful than others – like this one that lets support heroes charge up their Ultimate for free.

A hilarious, albeit useless, technique that lets Hammond use his grappling hook while in “crab mode” is cracking players up, and is a good way of causing a distraction for the opposing team so your squad can push for a win while they stand there asking themselves “what the heck is that?!”


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Blizzard Entertainment
Some players refer to Wrecking Ball’s mech form as his “crab mode.”

Reddit user ‘Willyknickers’ shared the comical trick, and shared how to perform it on the Blizzard World shark (who has become somewhat of a meme at this point), though you can probably pull it off wherever you like, as long as it’s with something Hammond can grapple onto.

The bizarre form can be achieved if you melee and then immediately press the keys for Ball’s ball form and grappling hook at the same time – that’s V, then SHIFT and right-click on PC.

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How to use Hammond’s grappling hook while in crab form. from Overwatch

As Redditor ‘moomerator‘ put it, it is “actually a really key tech to maximizing Hammond’s potential” because “normally your team tilts at the very start of the game because “ball bad” and you look like a bad teammate for not swapping. So instead you whip this out so that they’re so busy being wow’d that they don’t flame you.”


The best strategy is a distraction.

Obviously this isn’t something you’d want to use while in the middle of a “sitting on the edge of your seat” intense-style Competitive match, but it’s something to busy yourself with while in Skirmish and waiting for a game.

If nothing else, it’s just a hilarious bug to show your friends, or to distract your enemies with, but still pretty cool nonetheless.