Overwatch players figure out how to test Bastion’s Overwatch 2 rework early

overwatch 2 bastion reworkBlizzard Entertainment

One of Overwatch’s most divisive heroes, Bastion, is getting a serious rework in Overwatch 2. But players have figured out how to test the hero’s new abilities early, as someone recreated the new-look Bastion in Workshop Mode.

The Workshop Mode is one of Overwatch’s greatest features, as it’s allowed players to fully experiment with characters and game modes. One of the mode’s greatest creations is Thomas the Tank Engine, but a new tank is getting some love too.

In late-September, it was revealed that Bastion would be reworked fully in Overwatch 2. A tactical grenade, changes to mobility, and a brand-new ultimate ability were announced for 2022’s sequel.

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So, unwilling to wait to test things out, ‘CyberLemon2k’ figured out how to bring OW2 Bastion to the current client. And, even just judging from the ultimate, they seem to have done an incredible job.

How to try Bastion’s Overwatch 2 rework early

As you can see in the video, Bastion’s new ultimate, Artillery, works much like similarly named killstreaks do in Call of Duty. And CyberLemon has done that full justice, with the ult swapping players to an overhead view where they can choose a target and attack.

They also recreated all the new abilities, as well as the changes to statistics. The ultimate is the most intriguing part, but it’s exciting to try out new Bastion in full glory. To do so, you can use CyberLemon’s workshop code: 7DEX7

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Bastion’s full changes in Overwatch 2

As for what the other new abilities and stats are like, Blizzard Entertainment have already laid out a variety of coming changes. There’s no more Self-Repair in Overwatch 2 and, as mentioned, Tank mode is gone too.

Instead, the hero will be able to move around in Sentry mode and will have its Recon mode’s gun deal much more (and easily controlled) damage. If you’re curious about how these changes will feel, get in the Workshop Mode and test it out with CyberLemon’s code. 

And, before finishing, let’s take a brief moment to appreciate the Overwatch community. Without a Beta date in sight, people are already letting us try OW2 early. (And if you want CyberLemon to do other heroes, maybe ask them nicely on Reddit.)

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