Overwatch players wreak havoc with D.Va’s experimental ‘Titanfall’ buff

Alan Bernal

Overwatch players have been enjoying a new experimental buff to D.Va that’s making it really easy for the character to pull off ‘Titanfall’-esque kills with her mech.

After the ordeal that players went through with D.Va’s April Fools buff that gave her ‘Call Mech’ a whopping 600 damage on impact, the Overwatch community are finding that the devs didn’t totally scrap the idea.

It seems like some people at Blizzard like the idea of buffing D.Va’s summon but without giving it a damage profile that can rival her Self-Destruct ultimate at some ranges.

That’s why in the April 15 update, the devs introduced an experimental update that boosted her Call Mech impact damage from a measly 50 ticks all the way up to 250 – giving players a ton of room to limit-test.

overwatch dva call mech damamge titanfall

More clips are popping up of D.Va setting up chokehold ambushes with the power of the experimental buff for calling in your mech.

This has been inspiring more people to pull off the strat that they’re likening to Titanfall’s mech-dropping feature.

But it’s all the more fitting now since D.Va’s mech can now deal devastating damage to backline Heroes or provide the finishing blow to tattered frontline tanks.

In Reddit user Fureniku’s post, they show how waiting in a corner as de-meched D.Va can yield big results if you’re patient enough for the opponent to spring your trap.

Once the time was just right, they called down their mech to instantly take out McCree, Lucio, and Ana. That’s basically a green-light for any team to initiate an attack seeing as the sustained damage dealer and healers were wiped out.

All three of those players have 250 or less health at max, making them the juiciest targets for D.Va’s to hunt for.

Since these are experimental changes, Blizzard are looking really close at the effects that these potential updates can have on gameplay. Players haven’t been loving a lot of what came in the experimental patch, so that’s feedback the devs are going to pay attention to.

While massively disruptive, this strat leaves D.Va in a huge risk-reward situation so it’ll be interesting to see if the Overwatch devs push this update to the main game.

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