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Overwatch players discover Doomfist can be healed during his ultimate

Published: 10/Apr/2021 23:59

by Bill Cooney


Doomfist seems untouchable when he uses his ultimate ability, but one player has discovered you can actually heal him while he’s up in the air.

Meteor Strike is about as terrifying as it gets when it comes to Overwatch ults. As soon as you hear Doomfist yelling and flying into the sky, everyone who’s not a tank (and doesn’t have a death wish) usually starts taking cover.

The DPS hero can’t be damaged while using the ability, but apparently it turns out he can be healed, as a clip from Reddit user SunniSR seems to show.


Doomfist can get healed while in Ult???? from Overwatch

In the video, Doomfist activates Meteor Strike at 46 HP before going up into the sky. Then, while aiming to get away from the fight, he somehow get healed for 120 HP.

So how does this happen? Did Jeff just sneak in a buff without telling anyone else? Well, if you look closely you’ll actually see Baptiste land a healing grenade right in the center of the ult target.

Yes, Baptiste’s Biotic Launcher does only do 60 healing, but SunniSR’s teammate threw out an Amplification Matrix, which increases all damage and healing effects of friendly projectiles that pass through it. 


This would make it 120 healing with each grenade, which is exactly how much Doomfist got healed while he was supposedly up in the air, so it definitely seems like it is possible to get him heals while he’s ulting.

Doomfist Ult
As if Doomfist needs even more of an advantage with his ultimate.

Exactly how this apparently works is interesting as well. When Doomfist activates Meteor Strike, his character model doesn’t actually go into the air. Instead it stays on the ground in the middle of the target area, becoming both invisible and untargetable, but apparently plenty able to be healed by certain abilities.

Obviously Baptiste’s healing grenades work, so we assume Ana’s would as well, if you’re able to hit the target. Moira’s ult could also theoretically do the trick, but her base healing stream and Lucio’s healing would both have to be tested to see if they’re effective.


If you have a cooperative teammate though, you could definitely use this to punish enemy teams with Doomfist. He could go in to deal and take some damage, activate ult, and return fully healed and ready for another round. This doesn’t seem at all how the ability should work though, so one can expect Blizzard to patch this out sometime soon.