Overwatch cheaters are ruining games by bringing Workshop codes to Competitive

Michael Gwilliam
Blizzard Entertainment

Cheaters have found a completely new way to wreck Overwatch by bringing Workshop codes into the ranked ladder to turn their heroes into overpowered machines.

The Overwatch Workshop has been a hit since its introduction, giving players the ability to change the game by adjusting damage values, health, cooldowns, and other things.

Sadly, what happens in the Overwatch Workshop doesn’t stay in the Overwatch Workshop as some cheaters have found a way to bring overpowered heroes with new stats into the game’s competitive mode.

Normally, cheating in Overwatch can either be difficult to detect or extremely obvious. These new cheats happen to be the latter and then some, as everyone in the lobby could tell something fishy was going on.

Twitch streamer Brian ‘Kephrii’ St. Pierre experienced this very problem during an April 8 broadcast in a match on Nepal.

Right off the bat, players noticed that the enemy team’s players didn’t have any health bars and it seemed unlikely that they were even taking damage.

“What the f**k is happening?!” one of Kephrii’s teammates wondered.

“There’s a cheat where you can do Workshop cheats,” the streamer explained.

Moments later, after finally taking out the enemy Reinhardt with a bunch of extra shots, another of Kephrii’s teammates noticed he had been one-shot by the enemy McCree.

“I’ve seen these happen before,” St. Pierre added. “This is a new issue I’ve seen reported in the Discord. It’s Workshop cheats you can carry over into the game.”

The Discord server he’s talking about is likely one where top streamers and pros communicate with the developers to report exploits, cheats and other issues plaguing the top players.

While it does seem like the developers are aware of this issue, the fact it’s ongoing is certainly a massive problem and something that hopefully gets patched soon.

Unfortunately, there’s no indication for when that will be, so it’s something players should be wary of next time they decide to queue up for a game or two of Competitive.

Until then, at least there are always the Archives missions to check out again if you don’t want to risk it.