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Simple Overwatch feature would improve queue times and make tanks more “rewarding”

Published: 9/Apr/2021 19:04

by Michael Gwilliam


An Overwatch player has come up with a genius, yet simple, feature that would completely revamp the tank and support roles while improving queue times for DPS.

One of the issues some people have with Overwatch is how the game goes about rewarding them. Aside from eliminations, hit markers, and gold medals things such as healing and damage done, there aren’t many ways to know how one is performing.

The DPS category, however, features a lot more positive reinforcement with how hit markers indicate shots connecting. This is something that Redditor Thopterthallid believes could be applied to tanks and supports too.


In a Reddit post titled “Healers and Tanks should get equivalent ‘hit markers’ and ‘kill markers’ for performing well,” the player outlined why they feel that way.

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Tanks aren’t as rewarding to play as DPS in Overwatch.

“I think at least a small part of Overwatch’s queue problem is how much more rewarding it is to play DPS from a ‘game feel’ perspective,” they wrote.

Some examples listed include getting a satisfying scratching sound when hitting a foe, the chime of scoring a kill and the red skull indicating they just fragged out.

“Our monkey brains love this sh*t. They’ve loved this sh*t ever since we picked up our first coin, or stomped our first Goomba in Super Mario. Sadly, there’s nothing like it for Tanks or Healers,” they further noted.


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Blizzard Entertainment
Fixing tanks and supports would make queue times better.

To fix this, Thopterthallid recommends the Blizzard developers add in something like a “satisfying medical cross icon that flashes” when Baptiste heals a Reinhardt back to full health or a “Shield flash icon” when Roadhog bodyblocks damage headed for a healer.

The user further suspects that by making tank and support more rewarding this would decrease the queue times for DPS players as more people will be willing to give other roles a chance.

While there is no indication that Blizzard will implement such a rework for Overwatch right now, there’s always a possibility the developers aim to make something like this a reality when Overwatch 2 is finally released.