Overwatch players discover Ana’s “100% broken” hitbox

Blizzard Entertainment

A group of Overwatch players have put out a new video showing how Ana’s hitbox stops lining up with her hero model while she’s moving.

Overwatch players are no strangers to these kinds of issues, Ashe’s hitbox was certainly strange when she was released, and Hanzo has had chronic problems with his as well throughout the game’s history.

Ana’s glitch, however, seems to be somewhat unique in the fact that it only “breaks” her hitbox while she’s moving forward.

Blizzard EntertainmentAna’s hitbox doesn’t seem to cooperate while she’s moving around.

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Russian Overwatch player DimoshaTV posted a video of the bug to YouTube, and said right out the gate that this isn’t “a server or ping problem.”

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I noticed, that I miss a lot of shots shooting Ana so checked her hitbox while she’s moving,” they wrote, and sure enough the video seems to show exactly that.

While Ana is standing still, her hitbox behaves like normal, but as she leans forward to run it doesn’t seem to get the message and follow her character model.

Shooting the hero dead center where it seems her head is while she’s running doesn’t even register a hit, until you begin to move back where she would be if she were motionless.

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From either the left or right side, this makes Ana considerably harder to hit and take out for hitscan and sniper heroes that rely on precision aim.

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From directly behind, there shouldn’t be any issues hitting a headshot, but if your slightly to either side things could start getting a little wonky.

From straight ahead, the best idea might be to aim slightly above where her head appears as she’s running, as her crit hitbox seems to be behind her head and at the top of her back.

Blizzard Entertainment
The glitch only seems to affect Ana if she moves without aiming.

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The good news is that if Ana is looking through her scope while moving, the hitbox should behave normally and register hits as it should.

The hitbox problem isn’t currently listed on the Overwatch Known Issues List for the current patch, but hopefully, devs take notice and fix Captain Amari to register hits like any other hero.

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