Overwatch hero Ashe still has a ridiculous hitbox issue

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players have noticed a distinct hitbox issue with the game’s newest hero.

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The 29 hero on the Overwatch roster, Ashe, has now been in the game for more than two months, but it seems her hitbox still isn’t quite right.

Specifically, the hitbox for her head is hilariously oversized, meaning it’s possible to land headshots for the big damage multiplier on her even, in some cases, if the shot should actually have missed entirely.

It’s not even simply the case that Ashe’s hat – distinctly larger than her head itself – is counted in the hitbox, although the headbox does encompass the hat. It also extends, however, a significant distance above her head and even beyond the brim to the side of the hat.

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Ashe isn’t the first hero to have issues with her headshot hitbox, it’s been a fairly common problem. Perhaps the most notable example was Hanzo, who had a period in which the hand drawing back on his bow could block incoming bullets that should otherwise have hit his head.

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This also isn’t the only issue that Overwatch players have identified with Ashe since her release. Most significantly, players discovered an issue with her aim-down-sight animation that made her aim feel clunky and disconnected.

It remains to be seen whether Blizzard will address the hitbox issue, which may not be limited to Ashe. On the one hand, it does allow for shots that should clearly miss to hit, although on the flip side a situation in which a shot appeared to hit the model but didn’t catch the hitbox would be as frustrating, if not more so.

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