Game-breaking Overwatch bug makes Hanzo almost impossible to hit

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players have discovered a game-breaking bug with Hanzo’s hitbox that makes the hero almost impossible to hit if you aim at his model, which could provide the archer a massive edge in fights.

In a fast-paced FPS like Overwatch, landing your shots can be tough. Sometimes with a mixture of lag, and trying to track everything in a fight, whiffing most of your shots you swore you hit happens more often than players like to admit.

However, when the hitbox doesn’t line up with the model, it can make things infinitely more difficult. One eagle-eyed Overwatch player has found such a bug, which is easy to replicate, with Hanzo, that could have disastrous consequences when in a duel with the eagle-eyed archer.

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Hanzo drawing bow in overwatchBlizzard Entertainment
Hanzo’s hitbox in Overwatch is proving to be a massive issue for players to deal with.

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If Hanzo is running into a wall, his hitbox will adjust back to his regular standing position. However, his character model will still show him hunched over and moving, with his head hitbox in a completely different position.

If you aim at the model’s head, you’ll miss all your shots, however aiming at his quiver will make sure the headshots will land.

According to ‘dimoshatv’, this bug can also be replicated on Ana, however there’s no footage to prove that outside of their word.

His head hitbox while moving isn’t the only thing that’s glitched. Some of Hanzo’s skins make it so even just aiming at the character’s model will yield misses instead of clear hits, no matter how good a player’s aim is.

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Hanzo’s Okami and Lone Wolf skins have a wider model on his arm, but the same hitbox as his base skin, so grazing the arm with a stray bullet won’t do any damage.

Also, regardless of skin, when Hanzo has his bow drawn, it splits his head hitbox in half, making it almost impossible to land a clean headshot. This is because his bow hand only counts as a regular hitbox, so while the damage registers on his hand, it’s not the satisfying dink it deserves.

There are similar issues with certain ability animations for other heroes, like Doomfist during his uppercut. Because Doomfist relies on fast animations and movements, his model and hitbox can get flung around and be out of sync for some players, especially if their connection is bad.

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“It’s like a combination of aim punch, crowd control, weird hitboxes, dodgy animations, bad netcode, and fast movement,” said ‘czarlol’.

Blizzard are yet to comment on the Hanzo hitbox bug, but with more patches coming in recent times, it shouldn’t be long before the devs unveil a fix.