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Absurd Overwatch trick lets “broken” Echo use three Ultimates in a row

Published: 20/Apr/2020 9:03

by Brad Norton


Echo might be in store for a quick hotfix in Overwatch, as a newly discovered Ultimate trick proves that the recently released Damage hero is outright broken.

Echo’s Ultimate has been wreaking havoc in Overwatch since her jump to the Live servers on April 14. The powerful ability transforms her into another hero with 6.5 times the usual Ultimate charging rate.

If the player is skilled enough, this can lead to multiple Ultimates in a single user of her Duplicate. However, a new discovery shows how Echo can actually charge game-changing Ults much faster, even tripling-up when copying certain heroes.

Blizzard Entertainment
Echo’s Ultimate might be the most powerful in Overwatch thanks to this new trick.

As though gaining multiple Ultimates in a brief window wasn’t devastating enough, a new method has uncovered how Echo can actually trigger two at once.

While duplicating Mei in the Practice Range on April 19, Reddit user ‘LukeTheNinja12’ showcased how the icy hero can actually drop two Blizzard’s at the same time.

With the first Ultimate ready to go, they fired an icicle at the exact same time in which they threw out the Blizzard. This resulted in a second Blizzard charging instantly thanks to Echo’s insane Ultimate charge rate.

Covering a good chunk of the map in such a deadly area-of-effect ability is sure to leave the enemy team in shambles. However, it’s not just Mei that benefits from this trick.

Some heroes can’t build ult while their ult is active but can a spilt second before it activates. So if done right you can insta double ult with echo and reliably get 2-3 full duration ults off. Or even have 2 active simultaneously from Overwatch

From Roadhog to Zarya, countless characters are able to generate Ultimates at an absurd rate due to this tactic with Echo.

So long as enough damage is dealt in that split window of time, a second Ult will be instantly available on almost any hero. “That’s actually broken,” one Redditor chimed in with, reacting to the discovery.

In order to maximize their output, Echo was buffed by Mercy and occasionally even Nano-Boosted by Ana in these examples. However, it’s certainly possible to achieve the same results in a coordinated attack on the competitive ladder.

Overwatch developers are yet to comment on the matter so there’s no telling if an immediate patch will pull this trick from the game, or if it will be left in.

Thanks to the latest Hero Pools announcement though, you won’t have to deal with Echo in your competitive games for another week at the very least.


Intriguing Overwatch ability idea turns Sombra into a Support DPS

Published: 24/Oct/2020 23:03

by Bill Cooney


One Overwatch fan has come up with an alternate version of Sombra’s Hack ability that would allow her to provide powerful support to her team, much in the same way that Symmetra was once considered a “Utility” hero.

Any player with more than a few games under their belt knows that there are few things more annoying than getting Hacked by the Mexican stealth hero.

Under its effects, you can’t use any abilities, and passives like Lucio’s Wallride are unavailable as well. But what if it could be used to aid allies as well?

A similar line of thought must have occurred to ‘Jupit’ on Twitter, who came up with an alternate hack that can be used on teammates to reduce their ability cooldowns instead.

In the clip, which is not made with Overwatch itself, Sombra selects Mercy’s resurrect ability while hacking, which reduces the cooldown so she can bring back Tracer even faster.

Obviously this is just a rough (but well-visualized) concept for an ability – so it’s lacking in specifics such as how much the cooldown would be reduced by, what abilities can be hacked, and how it would interfere with her normal abilities, just to name a few.

As one of the most powerful DPS heroes out there right now, not many people are arguing that Sombra needs another incredibly strong ability. But it’s not hard to imagine how this could work if it did get added.

For example, unlike Moira who can switch between beams at a moment’s notice, the technologically blessed hacker would probably need to choose between either hacking an ally or enemy each cooldown, which could open doors to vastly different playstyles that could be developed by players.

Sombra activates EMP
Blizzard Entertainment
Sombra is already one of Overwatch’s most powerful DPS heroes, so she might not need such a powerful new ability.

What this does make us think of is Overwatch 2, which will feature customizable skill trees that will let us upgrade hero abilities to make them more powerful as you progress through the single-player portion of the game.

Who’s to say that Sombra won’t have a similar buff to her hack available when the sequel does roll around and Jupit is just lightyears ahead of everyone else? For all we currently know about OW2 (which isn’t much), it’s certainly plausible at least.