Overwatch player recreates Hanzo’s Ultimate along with amazing cosplay

Blizzard Entertainment/Stylouz

Overwatch has inspired plenty of cosplays with it’s wide range of colorful heroes, but this Hanzo cosplay took things to another level by including his Dragonstrike Ultimate.

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Hanzo has been around since Day one in Overwatch and as a result he’s been a favorite muse of cosplaying Overwatch fans.

To make their latest Hanzo cosplay stand out, Stylouz_cosplay, who’s basically the closest thing to a real-life Hanzo out there, added special effects to make it look like he’s actually shooting out a Dragonstrike.

StylouzThat pictures not fake, he’s just a real-life Hanzo.
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I choose you, Spirit Dragon

Stylouz looks every part of Hanzo with a cosplay that’s definitely on-point and he’s even got Hanzo’s “I’m way too cool for this” facial expression down.

In the video, originally posted to Instagram, Stylouz acts like he’s pulling back on the bow, before releasing Hanzo’s Ultimate, which smashes through a wall.

“It was very hard, I made the bow in foam, [so] I can’t pull the cord like a real one,” Stylouz said about the animation. “I [could] only slowly imitate the move.”

Even though he couldn’t get the full draw on the bow, the level of creativity that went into this Hanzo cosplay makes it one of the best we’ve ever seen.

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When will we get a new Hanzo skin?

Hanzo unfortunately did not get a new skin for the 2019 Anniversary event, but there’s always the possibility of him getting a skin for the next event, which is Summer Games and should start in August.

Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan recently confirmed that more new content would be on the way this summer, besides the new Replay and Workshop modes, but whether that includes a new Hanzo skin or not remains unknown.

Whenever Hanzo receives a new skin, there’s a good chance that Stylouz won’t be far behind with another amazing cosplay for it.