Overwatch fan puts Honeydew skin on Torbjörn and it’s exactly what you expect

There’s no doubt that Overwatch fans are some of the most creative out there, and a recent combination of Torbjörn and Mei’s new Anniversary skin is a great, yet strange example.

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Even though Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan indicated the new D.Va ‘Academy’ skin could “break the internet” during the Anniversary event, it seems Mei’s new Honeydew skin actually stole the show.

So Overwatch meme lord/YouTuber AndrewJRT decided to see what it would look like if Torbjörn got the popular Honeydew skin instead, and the results are just as interesting as you’d think they’d be.

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Torbjörn, you alright bud?

Overwatch’s resident engineer has served as prime meme material for the game since it came out, because for whatever reason it’s hilarious to see him swap places or skins with other heroes.

For example, after Brigitte came out one creative player decided to switch the models of Torbjörn and his daughter, to make Torb tall and Brigitte short. It looks exactly like what you’re thinking, if you haven’t seen it before.

ChattyWindowNow you have to see it too, sorry!

So, when the new Mei skin came out and took the Overwatch Community by storm, a spark of inspiration must have hit AndrewJRT, possessing him to give Torb the Anniversary skin he deserves.

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In all honesty, Torbjörn pulls off the Honeydew skin pretty well, with his short stocky legs sticking out from the apron and an adorable bow on his head.

Even though it’s a little odd, you just can’t get upset with Honeydew Torbjörn.

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Overwatch Anniversary Event

Overwatch is currently celebrating its third Anniversary event until June 6 and there are a total of 11 new skins, including Honeydew Mei that players can collect.

The Summer of 2019 is shaping up to be a big one for Overwatch, with the new Workshop and Replay features finally hitting the scene, and more major updates still on the way, according to Kaplan.

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Along with the Replay system, McCree got a massive buff to his fire rate on the PTR which has probably confused more players than Honeydew Torbjörn ever will.