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Overwatch player creates amazing interactive hero damage chart

Published: 9/Nov/2018 21:05

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player has created an interactive database explaining hero damage.

The interactive chart made by u/7x11x13is1001 is a phenomenal resource for players looking to understand the game in-depth.


Overwatch features heroes that deal damage in a variety of different ways. From the massive, precise impact of a Widowmaker headshot to the consistent drain of Winston’s Tesla Cannon, there’s a lot to learn about exactly how dangerous (or otherwise) every hero is in any given circumstance.

Not only that, but the calculations are further complicated by a variety of modifiers, both for mitigating damage or amplifying it.


The chart not only takes into account all of these factors, but allows you to apply them in different combinations.

via Gfycat

Want to know how much damage each shot of McCree’s Peacemaker will do at 15 metres? What about if you’re being damage boosted by Mercy? And if the enemy has armor? You can even adjust for exactly where on the enemy body the shots are landing.


As well as the pure numbers, the interactive chart also offers a clear visualization of the various damage profiles. You can easily see the differences between heroes with sustained damage versus burst, for instance.

If you’re looking to improve on a particular hero, it can be incredible useful to figure out these nuances. If you know exactly how much damage you can land in a given time-frame it can help you make decisions about when and how to attack. It also pays to know which heroes are most heavily impacted by different damage reductions or boosts.

The interactive chart can be accessed here


Buzz Lightyear Baptiste concept turned into awesome 3D Overwatch skin

Published: 17/Oct/2020 22:21

by Bill Cooney


Some awesome new 3D Overwatch skin ideas turn Baptiste into Buzz Lightyear and Soldier: 76 into a toy soldier from Toy Story.

There’s no shortage of new skins in Overwatch right now with the 2020 Halloween Terror event in full swing, but Soldier and Baptiste weren’t included with the heroes who got new cosmetics.


Perhaps sensing that the pair might feel left out, an Irish Overwatch coach and Workshop Mode maestro, Andy ‘andygmb’ Bohan, took the time to render them two fantastic skins straight out of Toy Story.

The idea of Baptiste cast as Buzz Lightyear was actually a skin idea created earlier in 2020, but Andy took it to the next level with a full 3D model that would actually make a decent Baptiste Halloween skin itself.


The support hero actually looks spot-on as the boisterous spaceman, with white and green armor perfectly matching the designs worn by Woody’s partner.

Neither Baptiste nor Buzz can technically fly either, but both manage to get airborne in other ways, either by jumping in the Overwatch hero’s case, or various ways of “falling in style.”

Soldier, appropriately enough, has been turned into one of the green army men every kid had in their toy box growing up. Though, how he’s be able to sprint with a plastic base locking his feet is something we want to see.

Baptiste Soldier Toy Story skins
These two would fit right in with LEGO Bastion as well.

While Andy created the renders, he said it was a team effort, with artist ‘stealthii‘ helping out with rendering and Overwatch Workshop guru ‘DarwinStreamscontributing his talents as well.

As with any Overwatch crossover that involves a big-name brand like Toy Story, the chances of it actually happening are sadly pretty slim. We did see a LEGO collaboration for Bastion so it might not be entirely out of the question, but we wouldn’t hold our breath.

While Buzz Lightyear Baptiste and Toy Soldier: 76 might just be awesome ideas for now, you can pick up some awesome new skins during the Halloween Terror event while it’s still going on.