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Overwatch parody song makes Reaper a heavy metal singer

Published: 3/Dec/2019 20:25 Updated: 3/Dec/2019 20:50

by Bill Cooney


An Overwatch fan has created an original song using Reaper’s in-game voice lines that sounds like the first single off of the hero’s edgy new album.

Reaper is one of the original Overwatch heroes and is generally regarded as the edgiest and most emo hero on the roster.

His voice lines seem to be inspired entirely by angst, which led YouTuber Its_Xaro93 to put them into a metal song, which sounds pretty good.

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The result is pretty well done, for only using in-game lines along with the thundering guitars of the track.

“Die Die” is the title track from Creep and Reap, Its_Xaro93’s creation of a band we assume is headed by the biggest edgelord in Overwatch himself.


As one can probably guess from the title of the track, Reaper’s Death Blossom voice line serves as the obvious refrain for the song.

Lines like “your death makes me stronger,” and “death comes for all,” make this an instant classic for all the edgy Reaper fans out there.

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The Reaper track is the third Overwatch voice line song Its_Xaros93 has done, but if their name sounds familiar, it might be because they were the one behind a popular Apex Legends voice line song earlier in 2019.

“Mozambique ‘ere” used Lifeline’s voice lines to parody one of the game’s most useless but popular weapons: the Mozambique.


The Lifeline video came out in March 2019 just a few weeks after Apex Legends was released, so it’s good to see Xaros has kept busy since then with no signs of slowing down.

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With Overwatch, the YouTuber has plenty more material to work with, drawing from the game’s large roster of heroes.

Overwatch players are patiently waiting for a new patch to arrive off of the PTR, and while they do, Reaper’s edgy track might be just the thing to blast while waiting in line for DPS.