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New Overwatch Lijiang Tower rollout will get you into the fight early

Published: 3/Dec/2019 5:54 Updated: 8/Dec/2019 19:32

by Brad Norton


While Lijiang Tower is popular for its many various rollouts in Overwatch, this brand-new Lucio path could be the most consistent to date.

Rolling out with great efficiency is a trick of the trade for Lucio on a number of popular maps in Blizzard’s hero shooter. From rolling out backwards to sneaking under the objective, there’s never any shortage of impressive maneuvers coming out of Lijiang Tower.

A brand-new rollout is capable of getting you to the enemy team in a flash however, and it might be the safest path possible. 

Blizzard - Overwatch
With most Control maps being mirrored in design, keep in mind that an opposing Lucio can also try this powerful tactic on your team.

Showcased throughout a December 2 post from Reddit user ‘Blitzz84,’ an effective Lucio rollout demonstrates how to get from a friendly spawn all the way to the enemy bridge for an early boop. 

Starting out by ‘Apming it Up’ on the ground, the player then jumps onto the nearby spawn wall and floats left as much as possible in order to attach to the building. 

This initial jump inside the spawn itself is utilized to rapidly trigger the movement speed buff that comes from wall-riding. Without this burst of agility, there’s simply no way that Lucio could reach the target, thus jeopardizing the entire sequence of motion. 

i found a new rollout on lijiang garden from Overwatch

Continuing to hug the building, Lucio then jumps and skates across the sky, avoiding the lethal drop below. Navigating around the exterior of the capture point itself, two quick hops are all that’s needed to launch a nearby wall.

From this position, one final jump will get you right onto the bridge where the entire enemy team might be if you’ve got your timing just right in a public game. 


One swift boop could result in the downfall of numerous opposing players, costing them the initial team-fight with a single ability right out of the gate. While obviously quite a demanding tactic on the Garden stage of Lijiang Tower, it’s undeniably one of the most risk-free Lucio rollouts possible. 

Blizzard - OverwatchEveryone’s favorite DJ could be the last thing you see before falling off of Lijiang Tower.

Obviously, this incredible move leaves the rest of your team with a slower path towards the very first engagement. 

With such a risk-free string of maneuvers however, this is a Lucio tactic that can be employed at any opportunity. Even when simply rolling back out from spawn mid-match, or when looking to re-contest the objective in overtime for instance.


Overwatch players call for Baptiste rework after insane Amp Matrix buff

Published: 20/Nov/2020 20:58

by Michael Gwilliam


After Overwatch players successfully got Blizzard to revert a HP buff to Brigitte, they’re now setting their sights on another of the game’s recently buffer support heroes: Baptiste.

Baptiste has been a powerful support since his addition to Overwatch thanks to his unique kit. Immortality Field has been considered an ultimate on cooldown by some and his Amplification Matrix just got a sizable buff – no pun intended.

In a November 17 patch, Baptiste saw his Amplification Matrix grow to the size of a garage door, increasing from 5 meters to 9.

Amplification Matrix provides the most damage or healing bonus in the game. Any shot fired through the window deals double damage or healing, and that’s not counting any other multipliers such as headshots or Zenyatta’s Discord Orb.

While this change had been tested in an Experimental Card, it didn’t go live right away because the devs wanted to add some additional art polish. However, once it did, players started freaking out.

Contenders pro Christian ‘Ojee’ Han simply tweeted a picture of the new Amplification Matrix and captioned it “incompetence.”

Meanwhile, Florida Mayhem content creator and retired pro Sam ‘Samito’ Dawahare, who was very instrumental in getting the Brigitte buffs reverted, called on Blizzard to potentially swap up the abilities.

“Let’s take a look at Immortality Field and maybe flip-flop that with his ultimate,” he suggested. “That is what I would do.”

Elsewhere, streamer ML7 was stunned when he was playing Baptiste on Blizzard World and found an incredible use for the new massive Amp Matrix.

While defending the first point, the support specialist placed the window down in such a way that it could cover two different choke points.

“Yea, this is not even broken chat. To use it like this,” the Romanian streamer sarcastically said. “Covers two choke points at the same time.”

We’ll have to see what happens with Baptiste and many of the game’s other heroes as Overwatch 2 lurks on the horizon. At the moment, it is unclear the extent to which new heroes and abilities will join the game, but fans are curious to find out how the meta will shape up until then.