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Apex Legends fan creates epic rap song with in-game voice lines

Published: 4/Mar/2019 8:31 Updated: 4/Mar/2019 8:34

by Joe O'Brien


An Apex Legends fan has created an Apex-themed song by using in-game voice-lines to reimagine Lifeline as a musical artist.

Popular games often bring out the creativity in fans, most commonly taking the form of concept art, feature proposals, or even cosplay.

One Apex Legends fan, however, has offered something a little different. Reddit user u/its_xaro93 created an original song inspired by the game, styling Lifeline as the artist “Lil LL” for a track titled “Mozambique ‘Ere”.

Respawn Entertainment / EA GamesApex fan u/its_xaro93 reimagines Lifeline as “Lil LL”.

The song takes Lifeline’s in-game voice lines and uses them as rap lyrics, stringing together a verse with lines such as “They don’t just call me Lifeline because I save a life. Use the pressure, it’s the only way to survive,” before entering a chorus of the Mozambique ping that gives the song its name.


The song even got the attention of Respawn Entertainment, with a developer commenting “Congrats, you won the weekend.”

Fans of the song might well be able to look forward to more like it in future, as u/its_xaro93 stated that if it was popular – which it was, amassing more than 8000 upvotes on the Apex Legends subreddit at the time of writing – they could make similar songs for different Legends.

Apex Legends has only been out for a month, having released on February 4, but the new battle royale has exploded in popularity, dominating Twitch and breaking a number of player records. Despite being so early in the games lifecycle, players can already expect a major injection of new content shortly, as the game’s first season is due to kick off in March.