Overwatch Lunar New Year 2021 event: Legendary Skins, Brawl, Challenges, more

Brad Norton
Overwatch Lunar New Year Echo Skin

The annual Lunar New Year celebration is back in full swing as the latest Overwatch event comes packing five new Legendary Skins, an assortment of Challenges, and even a unique Brawl. Here’s everything there is to know.

No different from previous years, Blizzard is celebrating the Lunar New Year with a complete in-game takeover. From fresh items that anyone can grab to brand new gameplay experiences, there’s a ton to unpack in the latest event.

Having kicked off on Thursday, February 4, you’ll have until Thursday, February 25 to see and do it all. That gives you three full weeks to get your games in, unlock the limited-time goodies, and test your skills in a completely new mode.

If you’ve been holding out for some new cosmetics, there’s no better time to jump in. Here’s a complete rundown of the 2021 Lunar New Year event in Overwatch.

Overwatch Lunar New Year 2021 event Skins

Overwatch Lunar New Year gameplay
Five new Legendary Skins are available in the 2021 Lunar New Year event.

The 2021 iteration of the Lunar New Year event is filled to the brim with new Skins. Not only do you have five Legendary Skins to claim, but you can also nab an additional three Epics through Weekly Challenges.

All of the new designs stick to the theme of the event, as expected. You’ve got everything from Bastion decked out in dragon dance costume to a stunning Kkachi Echo Skin modeled after an Oriental magpie.

All of the Legendary Skins will be available in Lunar New Year loot boxes for the duration of the event. Meanwhile, the Epic Skins can be unlocked through Weekly Challenges. All you’ll need to do is win nine games each week to claim the corresponding Skin. 

Legendary Skins

  • Bull Demon Orisa
  • Tiger Huntress Ashe
  • Dragonfire Bastion
  • Kkachi Echo
  • Pale Serpent Widowmaker

Epic Skins

  • Terracotta Medic Baptiste (Week 1 Challenge, Feb 4 – Feb 11)
  • Xiake McCree (Week 2 Challenge, Feb 11 – June 18)
  • Imperial Guard Reaper (Week 3 Challenge, Feb 18– Feb 25)

Overwatch Lunar New Year Bounty Hunter Brawl

Overwatch Lunar New Year gameplay
The new Bounty Hunter Brawl will make you a huge target.

Alongside the expected cosmetics, this year’s Lunar New Year Celebration also comes boasting a new Brawl. This mode is fresh with the update but will still be available after it’s gone as part of the Arcade rotation.

Your goal is quite simple. If you secure the first kill in this game, you’ll become a Target. Everyone else in the lobby will be Bounty Hunters trying to wipe you out. If they’re successful, whoever dealt the final blow will now become a new Target.

While surviving as a Target, an icon will appear above your head. This points out your position for everyone else on the map to see. Outlasting your opponents won’t be easy but it’ll take everyone else working together to knock you down.

Overwatch Lunar New Year gameplay
You’ll need to survive with every other player hunting you down.

The Lunar New Year event is well underway and you’ve got until February 25 before it disappears. Be sure to get your games in each week if you want to grab everything on offer.

As Overwatch 2 rumors continue to circulate ahead of BlizzCon 2021, it’s entirely possible this is the final Lunar New Year event in the original game.

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