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Overwatch League player gets hilariously destroyed by flying Reinhardt

Published: 13/Nov/2018 0:11 Updated: 13/Nov/2018 0:12

by Joe O'Brien


An unlikely sequence of events resulted in a surprising death for an Overwatch player on Route 66.

Overwatch has a huge variety of hero interactions. Abilities involving various types of stuns, knock-backs, jumps, and dashes can all clash and combine, occasionally creating some unusual and hilarious results.

One such set of interactions resulted in a rather unfortunate end for u/toxicisdead, who was on the receiving end of a Reinhardt charge that came as a surprise to both parties.

Playing as Widowmaker, u/toxicisdead was merely trying to leave the offensive spawn. After grappling over the broken train, they hadn’t even hit the ground before being impaled by the flying Reinhardt.


Blizzard EntertainmentNobody expects the flying Reinhardt flank.

The kill cam revealed that the Reinhardt had originally been battling in the tunnel that cuts through the first corner when he had been sent flying into the air, a combination of what seems to have been a Doomfist and a Roadhog using his Whole Hog ultimate.

The two knock-backs synchronized to send Reinhardt flying into the air and possibly even to his death, but fortunately – for him at least – he had his charge available, giving him some forward momentum to stay on the map and dive back towards the fight.

Reinhardt’s salvation proved the death of Widowmaker, however, as on his way back he bounced off of the top of the train, intersecting perfectly with u/toxicisdead in mid-air and crushing them against the wall.


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