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Taimou talks about adderall use in Overwatch League

Published: 12/Nov/2018 20:53 Updated: 12/Nov/2018 21:56

by Bill Cooney


During a Twitch stream on Monday, Timo ‘Taimou’ Kettunen told viewers that there were probably around 20 players in the Overwatch League that use Adderall and if the league were to ban it, teams would be in some serious trouble.

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While defending as Widowmaker on Gibraltar, Taimou starts talking over team chat about Adderall use in the Overwatch League.

“Imagine if you use Adderall and it gets banned in the league,” he told viewers. “There’s probably like 20 players who use Adderall, or so, in the league.”

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Use of Adderall, or any kind of amphetamines or “uppers” is controversial but also widespread in competitive FPS games, according to esports consultant Rod Breslau.


“Fortunately for Overwatch players, Overwatch League, unlike other esports leagues, do not do drug testing,” Breslau tweeted after he posted the clip of Taimou talking about Adderall.

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The main debate here isn’t whether or not adderall and amphetamine use is widespread among players, but whether or not leagues and esports organizations should consider the drug’s performance-enhancing nature and work towards testing players for them.

Based on Nanzer’s comments about Adderal in the past, it doesn’t seem like drug testing will be coming to the Overwatch League for Season anytime soon.