Overwatch League lets fans vote on which hero gets a legendary skin next

Michael Gwilliam

Overwatch fans are now being given a say in which hero gets a special skin next in the form of a poll on the Overwatch League website.

Season four of the Overwatch League kicked off on April 16 to much fanfare and some tremendously enjoyable matches. Combined with the fact that OWL Token drops can now be earned by just watching directly on YouTube and the result was a massive increase in viewership.

Those tokens, of course, can be used to purchase special OWL skins and certain emotes. But in the future, players can earn special hero skins just for watching.

Now, Blizzard is letting fans vote on which hero will be the first up to receive a new legendary skin.

The four options available to players are Winston, Zarya, Mei, and Ana. So far, Ana is by far the favorite with over 40% of the vote while Winston is a distant second with 27%. Zarya is barely ahead of Mei with 17.8% to the ice queen’s mere 10.4%.

Voting for which hero you want to receive a special skin is very simple. All you need to do is log into Twitter and vote on the OWL’s poll.

Alternatively, you can also vote on the Overwatch League’s website. But be warned, you only have two days to vote.

OWL Genji skin
Fans can earn exclusive skins this year.

How to unlock the May Melee skin

Regardless of what hero ends up receiving the most votes, the method for unlocking the skin will remain the same.

Fans just need to watch four hours of the May Melee tournament, which begins on May 7. Just be sure to have your YouTube and Blizzard accounts linked up and you’ll be good to go.

It should be noted, however, that you may need to stay up a bit late or wake up early to watch the event, depending on your timezone. The tournament will feature the two best OWL teams in the West travel to Hawaii to face off against the two best teams in the East in a double-elimination bracket.

The Overwatch League plans on doing three more of these tournaments throughout the season, so even if your beloved hero doesn’t secure enough votes this time around, there’s always a chance they will when the next event rolls around.

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