Overwatch League crowd hilariously boos as team switches to GOATS


Houston and NYXL came close to finally showing off DPS characters in Overwatch League Season 2, but ended up disappointing the crowd.

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A lively crowd at Blizzard Arena cheered as the Houston Outlaws pulled out a Tracer, a rare sight for an Overwatch meta plagued by the three tanks and three healers meta known as GOATS. 

Unfortunately for the fans, Houston did not stick with the comp, and when they quickly switched back to GOATS, the disappointed crowd started to boo.

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The casters were aware of the disappointment and actually stayed quiet so the crowd reaction could be heard. They referred to NYXL as a ‘defensive lineup’ rather, with Seagull having already explained why casters are not using the term GOATS following the first weekend of the OWL.

GOATS is known for drawn out battles, which some claim makes the action less exciting to watch than a DPS-heavy team comp with characters like Tracer and Pharah.

DPS characters have very little use with the amount of health and healing around in the current meta, which leaves little room for the composition experimentation that Overwatch was known for.

Nice meta you have there, be a shame if something GOATS happened to it.
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The GOATS mirror match did not go well for Houston anyway, as they dropped the map en route to a 4-0 sweep at the hands of NYXL. The Excelsior move to 4-0 for the season, while Houston drops to 1-3.

GOATS, much like NYXL, remains undefeated in the Overwatch League season.