Someone’s made an Overwatch Wii channel for absolutely no reason

. 3 years ago

A combination Overwatch and Wii fan tried to combine their two passions and ended up creating, well, something.

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The Wii Channel is a now-defunct service that allowed users to pick games to download and play.

Overwatch was never available on the Wii console of course, with the 2008 console topping out at 512mb of memory. Blizzard recommends 6GB, with a minimum of 4GB for Overwatch.

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That did not stop Overwatch fan fgs3008 however, they decided to put a non-functioning Overwatch icon in the Wii channel.

The Overwatch channel transitions from the Wii music to a compressed version of the Overwatch theme and even displays an option to “start” the game.

Also spotted on the screen was a channel for Apex Legends, meaning fgs is a pro at creating almost functional menu options.

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Of course, actually pressing that start button would be catastrophic, with fgs3008 claiming it would immediately crash the console.

With other asking how it was made, fgs claimed it was a mixture of photo and sound editing, along with some coding.

Next step is to create a playable version, since Wii motes might be the only way to improve our Widowmaker’s aim. Your move, Wii modding community.

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