The next Overwatch Halloween Terror map might have been leaked

Blizzard Entertainment

New leaked images reportedly show a night version of Junkertown just a few weeks away from October and the beginning of Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event.

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Halloween Terror usually takes place throughout the month of October in Overwatch, and it has introduced new, spooky, reskins for several of the game’s maps in the past, like Eichenwalde and Hollywood.

Now, a new leaked image posted on Twitter by Overwatch Insider Naeri seem to indicate that Junkertown will be the next map to get a Halloween makeover for the event.

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The next Halloween Terror map revealed?

The images posted by Naeri, and also featured in a video from YouTuber Blame the Controller, shows Reaper posing in front of a nighttime Junkertown, it sort of looks like the game’s main menu, without any overlay.

The image definitely seems to be Junkertown because you can literally see the sign above the door behind Reaper.

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Blame the Controller goes a step further in his video and shows an image of the map with Reaper and a large amount of the scenery in front of the gate, removed.

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He also examines the skyline of the image compared to the regular Junkertown map and even provides video that includes the Halloween music, complete with thunder.

Blame the ControllerThere seems to be a large amount of scenery missing from the leaked image of Junkertown.
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There is also a Sombra highlight intro on the dark Junkertown map, and it too shows that the water tower and broken down car in front of the entrance has been removed so developers can put different Halloween stuff in their place, BTC speculated.

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The YouTuber admits that we should take this with a grain of salt, since someone could have just darkened the already existing map to make it look like a Halloween reskin, but the existence of the videos does make the whole thing seem more legit.

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When will Halloween Terror start?

Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event began on October 9 in 2018, so a similar start date at the beginning of the month is likely again this year.

We still don’t know whether Junkertown will actually be the next Halloween map in Overwatch, but with October fast approaching we should find out soon, and finally get some teasers for new Halloween Terror skins coming in 2019 as well.

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