Overwatch gives Roadhog IT Halloween Terror skin & fans are loving it

Roadhog Halloween Terror 2021 Overwatch skinBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch has revealed a spooky new look for Roadhog as the first 2021 Halloween Terror skin, and players are already loving it.

Halloween Terror is always a fan-favorite because it gives us some of the best skins and cosmetics to collect out of any of the game’s seasonal events.

Along with revealing that the 2021 festivities are set to kick off on October 12, Blizzard has also previewed a brand new skin for Roadhog, and it already seems to be a hit.

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Even though the clip is only 10 seconds long, we actually get a pretty good look at Hog’s new skin. If you couldn’t tell by the balloon, the tank is now a terrifying clown in the style of IT, with a mouthful of razor-sharp teeth.

It’s definitely in the running for Roadhog’s creepiest skin yet, just from this brief preview. Pennyhog is probably an Epic skin, since we can still see his shoulder tire, and his vest has the same base model as well.

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Players seem to appreciate the horror movie tribute, with plenty joking that a clown is a just the right look for Roadhog mains.

“Oh wow would you look at that, the perfect skin for hog players!” Overwatch Twitch streamer Flats replied, attracting at least a few upset Hog stans in the process.

Avid Twitter Overwatch fan Krook gave his seal of approval as well, and even though there were plenty of replies complaining about a lack of fresh gameplay content, most players seem ready to unlock some brand new skins.

With Overwatch 2 in development and (hopefully) coming out in 2022, this could also be the last year of Halloween Terror in the original game. We don’t have any idea just yet what the event could look like in the sequel, but we do know it’ll be hard to come up with a creepier Roadhog skin than this.

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