Overwatch fans want unused Witch Mercy Halloween Terror voice lines added

Michael Gwilliam
Witch Mercy for Halloween Terror

Certain Overwatch skins come packed with special voice lines that replace the existing lines for certain abilities, ultimates and interactions. However, Witch Mercy for the Halloween Terror event has several built-in quips that are being unused.

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The Witch Mercy skin quickly became a fan favorite when the Halloween event first debuted in 2016. Since then, there have been plenty of skins added throughout the years, but Mercy’s Witch costume remains one of the most popular.

Amusingly, the skin (partly because of Mercy’s role in the PvE event Junkenstein’s Revenge) comes equipped with some lines that have remained unused, even though other skins make use of their extra features.

As demonstrated by Overwatch community member Naeri, Witch Mercy has unique lines when damage boosting or healing teammates, resurrecting fallen allies, and even scoring kills.

The Overwatch wiki page documents the changes and how they are applied.

When damage boosting or healing, Mercy will say: “Go my servant, destroy them,” “You amuse me,” “Serve me,” and “That poor, lost soul.”

Next, while performing a resurrection, she says either: “A dark power calls you forth” or “Those enchanted can never die!”

Amusingly, when scoring a final blow, Witch Mercy will laugh hysterically. This would be great to see in the game, as it would be bound to get into the heads of enemies who just got eliminated by a healer. She also uses “You think you can oppose me?” as a final blow line.

Many Overwatch fans seriously want to see these lines used with the skin. Streamer ‘TheKristenRae’ replied to the video demanding that Blizzard “put them in the f**king game.”

“They really need to put these into game,” chimed in another user.

“I need that evil laugh of Witch Mercy,” yet another remarked.

Hopefully, Blizzard decides to give the fans what they want in a future update as Halloween Terror 2020 begins on October 13.