Overwatch fans crushing hard on Overwatch 2’s Hanzo redesign

Theo Salaun
hanzo overwatch 2 censored

While most Overwatch players were delighted simply to see a glimpse of Overwatch 2, some were distracted by one hero. After checking out Hanzo’s subtle redesign, the community seems… excited.

It’s no secret that, as far as Overwatch heartthrobs go, Hanzo is near the top of the list. A muscular, honor-driven archer with tattoos, versatile fashion, and silvery facial hair? Unique mechanics aren’t the only reason why he has so many fans.

If you’re not already one of Hanzo’s aficionados, you may not have noticed the changes made to his appearance for Overwatch 2.

Fear not, though, as the Hanzo fan club is pointing out those differences on social media. And they are most certainly not being discreet about how his redesign makes them feel.

Overwatch fans loving Hanzo’s Overwatch 2 redesign

Perhaps the strongest indication of the community’s rejuvenated ‘thirst’ comes from reporter Liz Richardson. While she has mentioned the debate over being “thirsty on main,” she simply couldn’t contain herself: “GOING ABSOLUTELY FERAL OVER HANZO’S OW2 REDESIGN.”

For those uncultured few who haven’t quite grasped the subtleties of said redesign, Liz was kind enough to explain. In a reply, she pointed out the tweaks: “Different tunic/shirt, actual sleeves, new belt, most importantly NEW PROMINENT GREY FLOOFS ON HAIR.”

Liz was far from the only one who noticed these “floofs” and adjustments, as even Overwatch League teams had trouble keeping their cool.

The OWL’s Boston Uprising joined the chorus of Hanzo fans, with an unprompted response to tweets about the heroes in Overwatch 2.

As the Toronto Defiant explained that they were simply “gazing respectfully,” the Uprising organization honed in on Hanzo and made their feelings known: “It’s getting really hard to remain respectful.”

With the Overwatch 2 beta coming in April, it won’t be long until the community gets a chance to enjoy this new, revamped Hanzo in-game.