Overwatch players divided over Brigitte’s “boring” new Overwatch 2 look

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Brigitte’s new look in Overwatch 2 is already dividing the game’s community, with some players saying it’s much more “boring” than her old design.

Along with news of the long-awaited Overwatch 2 closed beta, Blizzard also revealed a number of new screenshots on March 10.

One of these, on the signup page for the beta, features a new-look Brigitte alongside Sojourn and Zenyatta. But, fans are split on whether it’s a downgrade or not.

Overwatch 2 Brigitte “boring?”

Overwatch 2 Brig is definitely different than in the first game. Her eyebrows seem to match her hair color much more closely, and she’s rocking a hoodie from the same store as Genji. But, the hair color change could just be a matter of lighting, as some users pointed out.

“As someone else said her hair color is red in both it’s just different lighting,” one user wrote. “Same that happened with sombra skin color.”

Moving past the hair color though, other users think her new look is just more “boring” than in the original game. “The color isn’t that bad imo,” another wrote. “But they made her hair shape more boring, she doesn’t look as much like herself.”

Blizzard Entertainment
Brig definitely has less going on than in her OW 1 look.

No matter the possible changes to Brigitte, fans shouldn’t worry too much. If they do “ruin” her look as some players fear, we can always just use another skin instead.

Whether or not she looks more “boring” or not should be settled when the Overwatch 2 closed beta gets going in late April, and we finally have a chance to go hands-on after years of waiting.

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