Overwatch fan creates stunning Ana version of the pink Mercy skin

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Mercy’s iconic pink Breast Cancer Awareness skin has become one of Overwatch’s rarest cosmetics, but one fan has created a similar skin for Ana that would work as the perfect replacement. 

Ever since its release in 2018, the pink Breast Cancer Awareness skin for Overwatch support character Mercy has become one of the title’s hottest commodities.

Fans everywhere have been begging Blizzard to bring the skin back into the game, but so far efforts appear to have been pretty fruitless.

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One fan has taken matters into her own hands and created a different spin on the stunning Breast Cancer skin, and we’d love to see this version make it into Overwatch.

Pink Mercy on RialtoBlizzard Entertainment
Pink Mercy doesn’t seem like she’ll be back anytime soon…

Overwatch fan creates Breast Cancer Awareness Ana

Overwatch skin concept artist Eva ‘Evanyla’ Cringle (the mind behind this Star Wars Genji skin) has created a pink skin for fellow support hero, Ana.

Blending the style of the pink Mercy skin and Ana’s Legendary Captain Amari skin, the Egyptian sniper can be seen sporting a baby pink version of her normally navy military coat, with an adorable pink beret to match.

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The breastplate of her sparkling white armor is emblazoned with the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon, as is her hat.

A sideways turnaround of the skin shows a patch with the iconic logo sewn into the coat’s shoulder, with ‘Amari’ written just below as a nod to the skin’s original name.

Eva’s inspiration

In the Reddit thread dedicated to the skin, Eva explains that she created the skin “to try and cope with my mother’s second cancer diagnosis.”

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“Ana is my comfort character and her motherly nature makes me feel safe. It helped me to imagine someone making me feel calm back then. It’s been a few years since the first diagnosis but we don’t give up fighting.”

With 2.2k upvotes it’s pretty clear that fans everywhere really love this special skin. Members of the community have praised the skin for being “amazing,” as well as “an instant buy” if it were to make it in-game.

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While a Pink Mercy rerelease doesn’t seem to be on the horizon, maybe Blizzard will consider creating more charity skins in the future, just like this pink Ana.

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