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Overwatch fan creates incredible replica of Mei’s “Snowball”

Published: 4/Dec/2018 15:18 Updated: 4/Dec/2018 15:21

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch fan has created an incredible functioning replica of Mei’s robot, Snowball.

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Ashe wasn’t the first Overwatch hero to have a robot companion who also functions as an ultimate ability. Snowball is the little robot that Mei carries on her back, responsible for creating her ultimate, Blizzard.

Snowball isn’t just a weapon, however. Though he can’t talk, he’s very much a character in his own right.

In the “Rise and Shine” animated short, Snowball is Mei’s only company as she wakes up to realize that she’s the only surviving member of her research team at Ecopoint: Antarctica, and that she’s been in cryogenic sleep for nine years.


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Snowball is by Mei’s side with high-fives and cups of tea as she tries to escape the base, creating her Endothermic Blaster in the process. He even sacrifices his own battery charge to provide the last bit of power she needs.

An Overwatch fan has created a remarkably accurate replica of the character using 3D printing to create the model, and open source hardware and software platform Arduino to animate it.

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Though the real-life Snowball obviously can’t fly like the in-game version, it does replicate the other movements and facial expressions that it makes.

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I made an Arduino Powerd snowball (from overwatch) from r/arduino

Fans who want their own Snowball replica can get an official, smaller version of Snowball that magnetically levitates on a platform, which is available on the Blizzard store for $175.

For those that want the more personal touch, however, creator u/tbog9t4 has stated that they’re planning to create a video explaining the technical side of the build, however, for fans that are willing to put the work in to create their own.