Overwatch fan creates incredible popstar D.Va concept skin

Virginia Glaze. Last updated: May 26, 2019

With the release of mech pilot Overwatch team can cook up yet another costume worthy of “breaking the internet” – and one artist has taken on the task, themselves.

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Artist ‘FluffyDus’ drew a mockup of a “popstar” skin for the character, almost reminiscent of League of Legends’ KPop group, K/DA, due to the outfit’s deep purple and pink hues.

FluffyDus gave D.Va a pair of futuristic, knee-high boots, coupled with a short-sleeved one piece, gauntlets, and fishnet leggings.

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One artist decided to change up D.Va’s classic design in a big way.

To further add to the “popstar” image, FluffyDus likewise bestowed D.Va with a pair of stylish headphones, and even styled her hair color to platinum blonde pigtails that end in a pink ombre.

D.Va’s signature bunny sigil can be found on the bust of the fashionable fit, which nearly looks like the design for some type of new Vocaloid – a concept that D.Va herself likely wouldn’t be opposed to.

FluffyDus, Deviantart
Artist ‘FluffyDus’ created a stunning “popstar” outfit for MEKA mech pilot D.Va in wake of her 2019 Anniversary skin.
600https://www.deviantart.com/fluffydus/art/Concept-art-PopStar-D-va-Overwatch-799030706[ad name=”article3″]

Overwatch fans were largely delighted at FluffyDus’s design, leaving them hungry for an accompanying change to her MEKA mech – although no such concept has yet been released by the artist.

This D.Va mockup follows the release of her 2019 Anniversary skin, which Overwatch’s lead designer, Jeff Kaplan, claimed would “break the internet.”

A sharp contrast to FluffyDus’s “popstar” mockup, D.Va’s official Anniversary skin ended up being a schoolgirl outfit, appropriately named “Academy D.Va.”

While D.Va herself dons scholarly glasses and a school uniform, her MEKA mech got a brand-new paint job, sporting a hot pink and gold exterior that’s easy on the eyes.

Overwatch’s Anniversary Event is currently underway, with more Epic and Legendary skins on the horizon.

Heroes Ashe, Hammond, and Baptiste are likewise set to receive new dance emotes as part of the event, leaving fans waiting for even more content as the event goes on.

Characters Ashe, Hammond, and Baptiste are set to receive dance emotes to fit in with the rest of the crew as part of Overwatch’s Anniversary event.

While it’s unlikely that fans will see FulffyDus’s exact design in the game, it wouldn’t be out of place for D.Va to receive a Kpop star outfit in the future, should Blizzard start brainstorming even more outfit ideas for the pilot.