Seagull shows off incredible D.Va racing mode in Overwatch workshop

. 3 years ago
Seagull Twitch / Blizzard Entertainment

Popular Overwatch Workshop mode which allows players to race as D.Va.

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Since the Overwatch Workshop was introduced, it has allowed fans of the game to create their own maps and game modes for other players to experience and enjoy

So far it has been quite popular among Overwatch players, with many creative modes being added to the workshop including a Quake inspired game mode.

D.Va’s Mech boosters ability makes her an easy choice to be used for Overwatch racing modes.
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Seagull is one of Overwatch’s most popular players, who has competed at a professional level and has also appears to be enjoying some of the modes that the Workshop has to offer.

The former Dallas Fuel player tried out a new workshop mode while streaming, which allows players to race around the map as D.Va using her boosters ability continually while in the air.

This new racing mode pits players against each other to make it through all of the checkpoints the quickest and it seems to have won Seagull over, as he says, “This game mode is so cool,” during his first attempt on stream.

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The movement in the racing mode can be difficult to master, however, as Seagull found out for himself after getting confused where he was after going too fast, “Im going too fast for my own good, chat.”

Not long after the Overwatch Workshop’s release there seems to be quite a variety of hilarious modes for fans of the game to test out for themselves. 

It is quite likely that we will see even more interesting modes for players to experience coming out of the Overwatch Workshop in future.

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