Overwatch finally reveals new 2019 D.Va Anniversary skin

Overwatch wasted no time getting D.Va’s new Anniversary skin out to the masses – and it’s definitely one that will “break the internet”.

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The Overwatch Anniversary event begins on May 21, so there are only a few days between the reveal of the skin and when players can finally get their hands on a new D.Va skin.

Players guessed previously the new skin could bee K-Pop themed, which wasn’t very far off from the new skin at all, which is named ‘Academy D.Va.’

Blizzard EntertainmentHer new Mech looks fantastic.
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Time to hit the books

Academy D.Va might just be one of the heroes cutest skins so far. She’s been given straight black hair instead of her usual brunette and, like any good student, she has her glasses on.

Don’t worry, the pink is back and this skin makes plenty of use of D.Va’s favorite color. From her mech to her plaid skirt, the pink is definitely here.

Her MEKA looks amazing in pink and gold, and it even has some sort of head on top that makes it resemble an anime mech, which along with her outfit definitely makes this skins threat to “break the internet” legit.

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Some fans might be disappointed that D.Va didn’t get any Heroes of the Storm skins, but after taking a look at the actual new D.Va skin, it will probably be pretty tough to stay mad at something that adorable.

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What else do we know about the Anniversary Event?

The 2019 Overwatch Anniversary event begins on May 21, and there are still 5 new Legendaries and 3 Epic skins to be revealed at the time of writing this article.

Ashe, Baptiste and Hammond will also all be getting dance emotes, so they can bust a move in spawn along with everyone else.

D.Va was the only hero we were for sure was getting a new skin for the Anniversary event this year, so it will be exciting to see what else Blizzard rolls out. 

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