Overwatch Echo ultimate trick lets her use more sprays than any other hero

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard are pretty dedicated when it comes to crafting unique cosmetics for Overwatch. Sprays are one of these, and this fun little trick means that Echo players can drop more than one cheeky spray per game.

Sprays have become an integral part of the Overwatch universe. For many players there’s nothing more satisfying than rounding off a spectacular play with a cheeky little spray.

With every new event dropping a set of sprays, and Archives just around the corner, fans everywhere will be looking to grab some new additions to their cosmetic collections.

For Echo players though, it turns out there’s a cheeky way to let her drop two different sprays in game, whereas her opponents are limited to one.

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How to use two sprays as Echo

Overwatch Winter Wonderland Moira Skin SprayBlizzard Entertainment
Some events, such as the fan favorite Winter Wonderland event, drop themed skins.

Echo is a hero who’s had a lot of attention lately, and it turns out that one fan has discovered yet another thing that sets her apart from others.

A Reddit thread dedicated to the polarizing android shows that while using her ultimate, Duplication, she can actually use a second spray. Considering she transforms into a completely different person, this makes a bit of sense.

The process is pretty straight forward, but becomes more difficult if you fancy making some in-game graffiti art:

  1. Select which spray you want to use via the communications wheel (keybound to C).
  2. Drop the spray wherever you like.
  3. When using Echo’s ult, select a different spray (or the same for consistency) and drop it at your choice of location.
  4. If you want to put two sprays together, just make sure that you don’t stray too far away from where your first spray is.

The newest addition to Overwatch, our favorite android has underwent quite a few changes in the brief period since her release.

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Despite this, however, she remains as popular as ever and continues to dominate the skies of every city from Illios to Havana.

So, next time you try her out drop a second spray. After all, she’s the only one who can do it, and that alone makes it infinitely more worth it!