Cheeky Overwatch easter egg on Blizzard World exposes Sombra's secret - Dexerto

Cheeky Overwatch easter egg on Blizzard World exposes Sombra’s secret

Published: 6/Apr/2021 13:32

by Lauren Bergin


Overwatch’s Sombra and D.Va are always at odds over the Mexican hacking games, but this Blizzard World Easter Egg proves that D.Va’s claims have some substance.

One of the most popular exchanges at the start of an Overwatch match is the one between DPS villain Sombra and tank hero D.Va.

A former esports pro turned pop idol, the Korean sensation knows her fair share about video games. Obviously, she knows a hacker if she sees one.

Despite Sombra’s protests, it turns out that there’s a shred of truth to the rumor. This Blizzard World Easter Egg proves that the Mexican has a history of breaking one of the gaming universe’s most cherished rules.


Blizzard World Easter Egg proves D.Va right

Sombra Overwatch Easter Egg
Blizzard Entertainment
Sombra’s determined to break the rules whenever she can.

D.Va often chastises Sombra at the start of matches by stating “ooh, I can’t stand you hackers! You give those of us with skill a bad name!”

While she replies “you know that isn’t the kind of hacking I do, right?” it turns out that the Talon villain is evading the truth yet again.

On Blizzard World in the Heroes of the Storm Arcade, you can find a whole host of games. One of these is Murky Skeeball, a game at which ‘SMB’ appears to reign supreme with a suspicious 9999 points.

Just below this mysterious player is ‘DVA’, who is listed as having a pitiful 850 points in comparison. For Overwatch’s only pro gamer, this must be the highest of insults.


So DVA was right,Sombra really "gives those with skill a bad name" lol from Overwatch

While there could be a thousand reasons as to why Sombra has decided to go on a rule-breaking spree, it’s pretty clear that the main motivation is just to annoy D.Va.

Mischievous to her core, the Mexican just loves to cause some chaos, and Blizzard World’s Heroes of the Storm arcade is the perfect place to do so. Whether it’s Murky Skeeball or the Basketball Game, never trust Sombra’s high scores.

After all, as this Overwatch Easter Egg proves, they’re likely to be illegally altered.