Overwatch Disney skin idea turns Roadhog into terrifyingly funny Goofy - Dexerto

Overwatch Disney skin idea turns Roadhog into terrifyingly funny Goofy

Published: 24/Apr/2021 1:25

by Bill Cooney


One Overwatch fan has come up with a brilliant – and downright terrifying – skin idea for Roadhog that turns him into the famous Disney character, Goofy.

It seems lately that Roadhog has been getting all of the love when it comes to new skins. There was the OWL Championship skin, and the fan-favorite Pachimari look from his mini event in March.

But, there’s no such thing as too many Roadhog skins, and we have to add the recent creation of Hog as Goofy by Reddit user MumblesMG to our dream list of Overwatch cosmetics.

Blizzard Entertainment
Roadhog has been rolling in the new skins lately.

At first, Goofy doesn’t seem like the best Disney character to portray the Tank. Goofy is pretty lanky and skinny, while Roadhog is well… a hog, both literally and figuratively.


While Mumbles’ skin is essentially just goofy, stretched to Roadhog’s frame with the belly hanging out, for some strange reason we can’t really define, it just works.

We couldn’t tell you what would be more disturbing, if his pupils were to move, or stay still if the skin were real. Both options would be equally as terrifying, considering Hog has never really had eyes on any skin before.

His hook is fashioned in the image of  Mickey, whose face is also branded on his stomach, complete with the belly-button serving as the nose.

Just imagine how embarrassing it would be to get hooked by Goofy.

Sadly, a Disney/Blizzard crossover is unlikely to happen, since Disney likes to keep a tight lid on their IPs, and Overwatch isn’t famous for implementing outside elements into the game.


That doesn’t even begin to address the potential lore issues that would arise from a bunch of Disney characters battling it out on Blizzard World.

Still, Roadhog running around as a grinning dog or whatever Goofy actually is would be hilarious. In the comments, another user had a fantastic suggestion if this skin were real: for his ultimate voice line, just make it one long “hyuk.”