Overwatch’s fiery new SF Shock Roadhog Championship skin now available

Blizzard Entertainment

The brand-new scorching Roadhog skin celebrating the San Francisco Shock’s 2020 Championship run is now available for players in Overwatch.

One of the best parts about winning the Overwatch League Grand Finals, besides the prize money and bragging rights, are the exclusive skins that Blizzard makes for each Championship team.

In recent years it’s been all San Francisco Shock, and to commemorate their 2020 Finals win an awesome new skin for Roadhog was unveiled on February 20 during the OWL BlizzConline segment, and it’s now available in the Overwatch League menu for 200 Tokens.

Called Midas Roadhog, naming the skin after a king who turned everything he touched into gold makes sense, since the same seems to happen with the Shock as well.

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His mask now looks more like a wild boar than a hog thanks to the tusks, and there’s a head of flaming hair to go along with the snow-white beard he’s now rocking too.

The Shock’s team colors feature prominently, along with a “Champions” logo slapped right across the tank’s belly. If you don’t have Roadhog’s golden weapon, you too can still use a version of the fabled gold hook if you unlock this bad boy.

Seeing as how this skin is called “Midas” it makes sense that Hog is now rocking an obscene amount of bling, from his gun to his hook, almost every part has a touch of gold to it.

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Blizzard set the skin live on March 23 in the lead up to the start of the 2021 Overwatch League season, and like we said, it will be available for 200 Tokens for the next two weeks.

Hog’s new skin is the same price as all other Championship, MVP, and All-Stars skins that have ever come out. In addition like every other OWL-exclusive cosmetic, Jeff will be stashing it away in the Overwatch Vault and it will not be available again after April 6.

So, if you want Midas Roadhog, be sure to pick him up ASAP. Hopefully, you’ve been saving your hard-earned OWL tokens for just such an occasion.

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The Shock have won the Grand Finals two years in a row now, and they show no signs of slowing down. As long as their Championship skins look as good as this though, people probably won’t mind too much.