Overwatch cosplayer marks 10 years of StarCraft 2 as Kerrigan Widowmaker

Bill Cooney
Widowmaker Kerrigan cosplay

[jwplayer 91I9RIGm]

One Overwatch cosplayer decided to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the release of StarCraft 2 with one of the best takes on Widowmaker’s Kerrigan skin we’ve seen yet.

The Blizzard community celebrated the 10-year anniversary of StarCraft 2’s release on July 27, and Ukrainian cosplayer/Widowmaker fan ‘le_blaaanc_cosplay’ decided to cosplay the Overwatch sniper’s Kerrigan skin to mark the occasion.

For those not versed in StarCraft lore, Sarah Kerrigan starts out as a Terran Ghost, before eventually turning into the Zerg’s Queen of Blades and leading the race’s quest for galactic domination herself following the Brood War.

Widowmaker’s skin is based on Kerrigan’s look when she was a Ghost, and just by the first look at le_blaaanc’s take on the fan-favorite cosmetic, it’s clearly out of this world.


The armor is a spot-on recreation of what we see Widow rocking in Overwatch, and it even includes the Ghost’s optical equipment stashed up in Kerrigan’s fiery red hair.

Her Viper rifle looks exactly the same, as well, although sadly it doesn’t expand and retract as it does in-game. Nitpicking aside though, it’s a great take on the one tool no Widow cosplay is really complete without.


Scenery can definitely make or break a cosplay, but that was no issue for le_blaaanc, who included shots taken against an industrial background, making it look like she’s fresh out of the barracks and ready to roll.

The interstellar space shots with a blue background definitely look like they could have been pulled off with some post-production editing, but according to the cosplayer they’re actually unedited, with the photos being taken against a real painting, using a smoke machine and some lights added in for effect.


Sadly, Overwatch fans are no longer able to pick up the Kerrigan Widowmaker skin, as it was only available until April 3, 2018, as part of Blizzard’s celebration for the 20th anniversary of the first StarCraft game.

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For those looking to spice up their games with a bit of StarCraft flavor though, her Nova skin is still available as a Legendary for 1000 coins. Depending on which character you prefer, it might not be as great as Kerrigan, but it’s definitely the next best thing.

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