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Borderlands cosplayer wows fans as mindblowing Mad Moxxi

Published: 29/Jul/2020 13:30

by Matt Porter


A talented Borderlands cosplayer has created an incredible recreation of one of the franchise’s most recognizable characters, the outlandish NPC Mad Moxxi. 

It’s been a while since fans of the series got their hands on a new Borderlands title, with the third game in the franchise releasing in September 2019 to critical acclaim and players ecstatic to get another chance to explore the beautiful and mysterious post-apocalyptic world that Gearbox Software has created.


For fans of Borderlands, the distinct art style and fascinating characters make it a popular game to cosplay, and perhaps no character is cosplayed more than Mad Moxxi, a character that players don’t even get to control, but who has a major role to play in the story, and your journey through the game.

Mad Moxxi in Borderlands 3.
Gearbox Software
Mad Moxxi is one of the most recognizable NPCs in gaming.

Mad Moxxi first appeared in Borderlands 2 and offers players many of the missions they take on around Pandora. The owner of numerous bars, Moxxi is a big fan of violence and combat, and was a talented fighter in her own right in her earlier years. Running her own bar aboard the Sanctuary III starship, she always has a task or two for anyone who enters the bar, although they almost always involve some sort of battle.


Mad Moxxi is instantly recognizable even to those who haven’t played Borderlands, with her outfit unlike anything seen in any other game. She’s rarely seen without a red top hat, which is slightly too small, perched on top of her head, and a form-fitting dress that has striped collars and sleeves. Her makeup is also distinct, making sure she is always pale, but with bright rosy cheeks.

Russian cosplayer Daria Rooz showed off her incredible take on the character in a shoot with photographer ‘kmitenkova‘, complete with an incredible background and some unbelievable make-up that makes the bar owner look like she has truly come to life in one of the most incredible Mad Moxxi cosplays you’re ever likely to see.



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Today’s match will be in… THE ANGELIC RUINS ⠀ Know what I could use right now? A new round! Enjoy! Oh, just one… more… And then I’ll let you rest. #Borderlands #MadMoxxi me ? Photoart @kmitenkova ? ⠀ I am shocked by the feedback received on the previous photo!? It seems that all my photos accumulated over several years did not gain so much! Thanks you!? This is just awesome! I am very glad that you like it! Perhaps this is my coolest photoshoot in Moxxi and I’m not sure that I can surpass it! But anything can be? I would also like to thank everyone again for congratulations! It was the best birthday! Never before in my life have so many people congratulated me, I am in a pleasant shock! Thanks you!? And by the way, who was interested, I added new Moxxi’s prints to my Etsy store! Who wanted to buy, run there) Link in bio? @borderlands @gearbox @2k #Borderlands3 #Borderlands2 #borderlandscosplay #moxxicosplay #moxxi #cosplay #gearbox #gearboxcosplay #cosplaygirl #cosplaygirls #cosplayfun #cosplayworld #cosplays #cosplayer #cosplayers #cosplayerofinstagram #cosplayofinstagram #cosplayphotography #cosplayphotoshoot #cosplaymodel #cosplaylover #cosplaylife #cosplaylove #cosplayideas #cosplaying #geek #geekgirl #dariarooz

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Unsurprisingly, feedback on the cosplay has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans sharing their appreciation for the creation on both Reddit and Instagram.

Fans of the series are rabid in their love, and after the massive success of Borderlands 3, it seems inevitable that a fourth game in the franchise will be released. Unfortunately, there’s no word on when that could be, with Gearbox yet to announce any details.