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Overwatch community shocked after “braindead” player wins match 1v5

Published: 15/Apr/2021 0:16

by Michael Gwilliam


An Overwatch player’s bizarre strategy of deciding to take on the entire enemy team by themself has gone viral after it miraculously ended up paying off.

It’s not uncommon to see Overwatch matches come down to the wire, with a single fight being the difference between victory and defeat.

Normally, however, when one team has players on radically different respawn timers, chances are they’re going to lose when fighting into an entire enemy squad.

Nonetheless, it’s always better to try and fail than not try and fail anyway. That’s exactly the mindset Redditor Blackbyrne501 had in a match on Busan.


Reaper on Hanamura point a
Blizzard Entertainment
Sometimes all it takes is an ultimate and a dream.

With their team decimated, the Reaper player was the only one remaining who could contest the objective to keep the opposing squad from securing 100% progress on the point.

As the game hit overtime with Blackbyrne501’s D.Va teammate falling, it was all on the Reaper to Wraith onto the point. Right as they did, the D.Va player seemed to accept defeat.

“Nice try, but we should have backed up earlier,” he said, likely referring to not grouping up before engaging.

Braindead Strat Works – 1 v 5 from Overwatch

Just as he did, Blackbyrne501 was hooked by the enemy Roadhog, but instead of dying, they activated their Death Blossom ultimate. Despite being as low as 10 HP, thanks to Reaper’s life steal, the player quickly got back to full health.


Not only that, they managed to actually wipe the entire enemy squad with a little help from a McCree who traded lives with a Pharah off in the distance.

The opposing team clearly overestimated their odds too, with the Moira even using her sit emote for a bit of BM before dying to the ultimate.

Baby Dva grins happily
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Even the D.Va player was shocked they won.

Blackbyrne501’s D.Va teammate couldn’t believe it either. “Oh, Oh! Oh my God, they just f**king threw that, dude!”

The video quickly went viral on Reddit, amassing nearly 13K upvotes and even earning awards from fellow players.

It just goes to show that a match of Overwatch is never truly over until it’s over and this clip is exactly why you should never give up.