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Incredible Overwatch ultimate shutdown trick shows why Mei dominates the meta

Published: 13/Apr/2021 0:18

by Michael Gwilliam


Mei has become one of the most powerful Overwatch heroes in the rush meta and her kit can be extremely frustrating to deal with thanks to all the tricks up her sleeve.

Part of what makes Mei such a threat is her tankiness, freeze at close-range and her Ice Wall, which can isolate enemy tanks leading the charge leading to their swift elimination.

A lot of what makes Mei a chore to deal with was showcased by Overwatch player Sadoap. In a clip posted to Reddit, the console DPS was able to use Mei’s kit to shut down multiple enemy ultimates.


With the payload approaching the second point on Hollywood, the enemy team had no choice but to contest.

Mei is happy at her lab
Blizzard Entertainment
Mei is one of the most powerful heroes right now.

The first big ultimate shutdown came against the Mercy player who activated Valkyrie. Despite flying in the air in an attempt to dodge attacks, Sadoap managed to snipe the airborne support out of the sky.

Seconds later, from behind, an enemy McCree activated his Deadeye ultimate. The quick-thinking DPS swiftly turned around and built an Ice Wall that blocked the majority of the incoming damage.

Finally, in a last-ditch effort to win the objective, the enemy Ana Nanoboosted her Reinhardt to give him 50% extra DPS and 50% damage reduction. As he moved in to swing and hit Sadoap, the Mei began freezing him.


Monday? More like Mei day. Here’s a highlight of me shutting down 3 Ults from Overwatch

The freeze ended up being a good idea too, as the tank’s Earthshatter ultimate was canceled by the Endothermic Blaster.

So, in the span of under twenty seconds, one hero managed to deal with four enemy ultimates.

Additionally, when the player did take a bit of damage, they just activated Cryo-Freeze to heal up while becoming completely invulnerable.

Blizzard Entertainment
Mei players have a good reason to smile.

It will be interesting to see how Blizzard decides to balance Mei going forward or if they feel she’s in a good spot. Obviously, with the Overwatch League returning on Friday, April 16 if she becomes a dominant must-pick we may be more likely to see nerfs in the future.


Until then, if you’re a DPS player, be sure to make use of Mei’s tremendous power while you can.