Overwatch fan recreates iconic pink Mercy skin in The Sims

Overwatch Pink MercyBlizzard Entertainment

For many Mercy is the beating heart of the Overwatch community, and her pink Breast Cancer Research charity skin has become a fan favorite. One player has recreated it perfectly in The Sims. 

Mercy has a whole host of unique cosmetics in Overwatch, but the most beloved of them all is the pink Breast Cancer Research outfit from all the way back in 2018.

For years fans have been pushing Blizzard to reintroduce the skin into the game, as the message behind it touches a lot of people.

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While efforts to get the skin back in-game so far fallen upon deaf ears, one fan has recreated it perfectly in everyone’s favorite life simulator The Sims.

Fan creates pink Mercy in The Sims

Blizzard Entertainment
This stunning skin raised over $12.7 million USD for the BCRF.

Letting their creativity run wild in The Sims, Twitter user Lennon_Kinney recreated the Swiss healer’s iconic skin.

Writing “when you can’t get pink Mercy  in Overwatch so you make her in The Sims,” everything is styled to absolute perfection.

The whimsical feel of the cloud adorned pink and white outfit is perfect, with every little detail completely spot on. The gentle fade on her gloves is beautiful, with those stunning pink wings encapsulating every detail of the original.

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It’s her facial features that are quintessentially Mercy, though. Sporting her blond and magenta hair tied into pigtails, the sharp curvature of her facial features are emphasised by the perfect makeup. If we ran into Lennon_Kinney’s creation in The Sims universe, we’d be starstruck.

With an impressive 1.9k likes, the Tweet has reignited the quest to try and get this rosy angel back into the game.

Replying with a link to the petition to get the skin reinstated, Lennon_Kinnie has come up with an innovative way to draw our attention.

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We all want to see her back in our games sooner rather than later, and now would be the perfect time. In such uncertain times where people have lost so much, pink Mercy is an undying light for Overwatch fans.

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