Overwatch player creates insane bullet hell Workshop mode

Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch player has created an amazingly detailed “bullet hell”-style boss fight game mode using the Workshop.

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While the initial flood of activity in the Workshop, which saw huge numbers of modes being produced in both the PTR testing and the first weeks on the live servers, has slowed down a little, players are still creating interesting new games.

Though most Workshop creators might simply adjust the normal playing experience, the power of the feature allows players to develop game modes that bear very little resemblance to standard Overwatch, and u/trappi has produced one such mode with an incredibly intricate “bullet hell” boss fight game.

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“Bullet Hell” games are a style of top-down arcade game in which the player must complete their objective – in this case defeating the boss – while dodging a huge number of incoming projectiles to stay alive.

The boss fight by u/trappi has five different phases, each of which presents a slightly different style of challenge. The mode uses various hero abilities to add additional dangers on top of the constant hail of bullets, such as multiple charging Reinhardts, Moira’s Coalescence blocking off areas, and Doomfist’s Meteor Strike creating zones that must be immediately evacuated.

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The mode can also be played solo or as a multiplayer game. In multiplayer mode, up to three players can face the boss simultaneously, with damage scaling depending on how many are still alive. Once a player runs out of lives they no longer respawn, but if the team survives a phase, they can earn extra lives to revive their fallen teammates.

Overwatch players who wish to try out the game mode for themselves can do so by importing it with the share code JNA30.

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