Overwatch Ana ‘Plague Doctor’ skin looks game ready

David Purcell
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch‘s online community have put together a collection of astonishingly creative takes on the game’s characters since it first launched, but giving Ana a new ‘Plague Doctor’ look might well be the most intriguing combination yet. 

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Ana is one of the most popular heroes in the game and has an interesting backstory, having been involved in the army as a sniper, but this new concept would certainly be an interesting next step for the versatile figure. 

The concept, which was first posted online by JSmilesDaniel on DeviantArt, has since attracted a large amount of attention on Reddit, with many fans of the game applauding its creator for their execution of bringing two very different characters together seamlessly. 

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Blizzard Entertainment
Reaper already has two Overwatch skins called Plague Doctor and Nevermore, which only differ in color.

The concept features a long beak mask, very similar to that of the plague doctors that used to treat – or record information of – patients of the bubonic plague during outbreaks between the 17th and 19th centuries. 

While the masks might not fit their role in modern times, they certainly have a distinct look and it’s worked perfectly when fused together with an Overwatch hero like Ana. 

Bringing together elements of both characters, the concept includes the iconic bird-like headwear, covered by a huge cape which spreads over the head and body, giving it a very different look when compared to what we’ve come to expect from Ana. 

JSmilesDaniel, DeviantArt
Here’s what Ana could look like with a Plague Doctor-inspired makeover in Overwatch.
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“I want it, I need it. I don’t play Ana, but I’ll rock that skin” one Redditor said, and they weren’t alone in sharing their admiration for its design. 

“This should be her second Halloween skin under the name ‘alchemist,’ since she’s the alchemist class in Junkenstein’s revenge,” another said, clearly in hope that something like this will eventually be available in-game. 

There is, of course, already a plague doctor inspired skin in Overwatch and that’s been given to Reaper. However, there’s nothing stopping a repeat of the theme in the future and if there’s anyone that would rock the outfit, fans seem to be leaning towards Ana.