Overwatch 2’s Paraiso & Antarctica Peninsula maps disabled amid performance issues

Jeremy Gan

Overwatch 2 maps Paraiso and Antarctica Peninsula has been disabled from the game amid a string of critical performance issues.

Just a week before the launch of Overwatch 2’s long-awaited Season 5, a game-breaking bug was discovered by an Overwatch YouTuber in Paraiso. 

The new exploit allows Mercy to use their staff and pistol animations at the same time, which ends up dropping the FPS of every single player in the lobby drastically. Essentially taking any given match hostage. 

The devs would eventually disable Paraiso to stop players from abusing the bug. However, it now seems Blizzard is once again disabling another map as the exploit has reared its head yet again. 

In a community post addressing known bugs in the game, the devs announced the Antarctica Peninsula will be joining Paraiso in the group of maps being disabled. 

The devs wrote in the post, “we have disabled Paraiso and Antarctica Peninsula maps as we investigate an issue with performance when certain heroes are played.” 

Despite not naming the specific hero, the character in reference is most likely the aforementioned Mercy exploit which drastically drops players’ FPS when it is being used. 

As for when it will be enabled once again, the post did not mention any solid dates, nor do we have an estimated time frame. 

However, it is quite clear map removals are just a temporary fix to the bug, as it is not the map’s fault, rather it’s how Mercy interacts with the maps which causes the bug. 

Additionally in the post, devs mentioned that they are aware of bugs affecting Kiriko’s Swift Step, an issue with players not receiving their Season 4 Competitive Titles, and more. Expect to see plenty of additional fixes on the way shortly.